Innovation is at the heart of what we do…

We recently gave a presentation on Think Venue at the excellent Open Innovation in Social Enterprise event organised by SEWM CIC, Innovista and Coventry University. We were really struck by the interest in collaborative working, generating fresh ideas and looking at new ways of doing business – all things we love to do!

At Cloudberry we help you to get some fresh thinking into your business or start up idea without it costing you the earth! We offer a range of innovative solutions designed to help your business, social enterprise or community grow by giving it that extra edge in marketing, fundraising, product development or sales.

So if you are looking for some solution focussed creative problem solving then why not choose one of our three options:

Half or one day workshops allow you to develop short or long term strategies with a focus on commercial and entrepreneurial thinking. Our BOLD! and SHOUT! courses deliver individuals and organisations a great solution to business, product or services development. BOLD! is focussed on the big picture and to bring some new thinking into the organisation and staff. SHOUT provides solutions and tactics for marketing your business, product or service.

Short term intervention – provides an ideal way to bring about change quickly and get expand capacity by our team of staff working with you directly on the areas need need the help. Our Business Development services can be structured to allow you to overhaul your website content, develop new marketing materials, implement new systems or develop/enhance products.

Project and Interim Management – maybe your needs are long term and require a period of support over several months. Perhaps you have a specific project that needs to be created, implemented and delivered or you need to cover / create a management role with-in the organisation for a period of time. Our Project and Interim Management service is very flexible allowing you to budget on the activities and outcomes you need to achieve.

Whatever your business issue we can create a solution to help achieve success for you and your business in 2012 and beyond – to find out more contact us to arrange a free consolation over a coffee.

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