The Cloudberry grows naturally in the sub-Arctic region of Scandinavia in temperatures as low as -40C, yet it still manages to produce a beautiful flower and vibrant amber coloured berries. Our Social Aims are to support people and projects that help talented individuals, in difficult circumstances, to prosper and grow – just like the Cloudberry!

Cloudberry Innovation and Development was established in April 2010 by Mark Ellerby. Working with individuals, charities, social enterprises and businesses Cloudberry aims help them grow through innovation and development.

“fresh thinking on Social Enterprise, communities and business” 

Our Work:

Cloudberry supports and helps businesses, charities, social enterprises and individuals to innovate and develop in order to meet the challenges they face and produce the outcomes they seek. See our ‘Our Work” pages for more information.

Our Social Aims:

Our social aim is to help grow empowered, sustainable and rewarding communities. We do this through our work, but also through our social aims:

We run regular free peer to peer networking events “Social Enterprise Mentor” for people in or interested in social enterprise. These events foster a culture of sharing, co-operation, co-production and mentoring. Since 2010 individuals, charities, social enterprises and businesses have benefited from these events through knowledge transfer, mentoring, partnerships and actually doing business together!

Our PopUpMarket Project provides free places at community based markets across the West Midlands to help individuals an groups get their first taste of business.

We also make available a limited amount of coaching, mentoring and training to indivduals looking to,  or in their early stages of, setting up a social enterprise.

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