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Who We Work With 

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We work with a range of charities, social enterprises and corporates to help them achieve the goals they are looking for, whether its individuals looking to seat a social enterprise or an organisation looking to become more sustainable, through to helping corporate organisations improve their CRS or deliver greater social value though commissioned or paid for services.

Case Studies


PSIAMS is a major project we developed in co-operation with Dudley CVS and with support from Dudley CCG. Combining CRM and Outcomes measure PSIAMS has now become PSIAMS Systems, a Social Enterprise subsidiary of Dudley CVS with a customer base across the West Midlands. Our work involved working with multiple stakeholders and customers to deliver a multi-tennented software solution to enable better health outcomes, tracking and measurement.



We provided a range of interim management and change management solutions to Summit House over a two year period, enabling the charity to rebrand their products and services, re-structure their organisation and create a fresh work ethic. Summit House have significantly increased and diversified their income streams, gained new skills in their board and have a business plan and drive to support the Charity’s aspirations for growth and sustainability.


A network of  Third Sector conference and meeting venues including: Charities, Social Enterprises, Community Organisations. Cloudberry, currently project managing the network with the aim of increase capacity and commercial success for each venue and of the Think Venue Co-operative. Since the launch of the Co-operative in June 2010, Think Venue, now has over 80 venues registered in Birmingham and is expanding into other UK cities and regions.


Work Forward

Work Forward, Coventry based CIC, provides work experience, training and supported employment to people disadvantaged by learning difficulties and other disabilities.Cloudberry, designed and delivered a organisational development day for the directors and staff of Work Forward to help them plan future commercial and organisational development.




“Cloudberry have given us the freedom and scope to get on with our work, and are very encouraging and trusting. They know how to get the best out of people.” Tom Hayden, Team Leader

“The impact for me personally is that I now have the capacity to re-connect with commissioners, stakeholders, cabinet members – I’ve regained the confidence to sell our services knowing that I have a solid organisation. SHS would not exist today if Cloudberry had not come in.” Suzanne Callen, Chief Executive


Work Forward

“Marks exceptional skills in drawing out the best of all participants helped to clear lots of issues for the enterprise and give staff and directors ideas on how to develop WorkForward CIC, how to make the enterprise more successful and how to turn the café into a more sustainable social enterprise and therefore achieving social aims better. Thanks to Mark’s attention to detail the day has been a rush of inspiration, collaboration and new ideas, sharing experiences and rising to the challenges of making WorkForward a success both for the beneficiaries and the employees.”   Margaret Bull, SE Business Development Manager, WorkForward CIC

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