We provide a range of services that can help people, charities, social enterprises or business to grow and adapt in difficult circumstances – whatever the issue, we can help you find the solution that’s right for you or your organisation. Our aims are to build strong, sustainable and empowered individuals and communities.

How we can help:

– Demonstrating Impact: with our Social Impact measurement system PSAISM, we can help your Charity or Social Enterprise demonstrate the impact your organisations makes to individuals and communities, as well as, providing rich data for funding and business planning. We can also offer bespoke consultancy solutions to SMEs to help them demonstrate their impact in local communities and provide support with meeting the demands of the Social Value Act.

– Product and Service Development: helping you from conception of an idea, through to testing and finally delivery. We believe that your products and services should show case your brand and business, so getting it right first time is essential to avoid wasted resources and money. We can provide facilitated group training and development, plus our Flocka survey and research tool can help you shape your staff or organisational development.

– Social Media, Marketing and Branding: supporting you to get your messages to the right audiences and raise the profile of your organisation, products or services in a cost effective way.

– Change and Project Management: we can provide a range of support to help you manage your products or take you and your organisation through change. Working with you, we will help you deliver a new project or change in a supportive manner.

– Coaching: our one to one support can help in various situations at with all levels of staff. Our approach is to help you or your team move forward and strip away the complex issues to make progress simple.

– Training: we also deliver a range of training days including: understanding social value and the benefits to your organisation or company…includes our popular Fantasy Railway Franchise Game; board development, organisational change, product and service development.

– Keynote Presentations: we have a proven track record in delivering engaging talks and workshops on all aspects of our work and the general issues facing the social enterprise sector.

We also run Social Enterprise Mentor and PopUpMArket as part of our social aims, both can also be used to help your business development from sponsorship of social events to helping people gain employment.

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